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Not to be confused with akgae who talk bad about the rest of the members. Stan is a song by American rapper Eminem featuring vocals sampled from British singer Dido.

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I can think of Astro with Cha Eunwoo Miss A with Suzy and f x with KrystalVictoria.

Solo stan kpop meaning. However in the K-pop world stan means you are a dedicated fan of the group. Cares about one member and constantly sends hate or degrades the other members. The word stan found its way into rap music almost immediately including in the lyrics of Nas infamous 2001 diss track Ether.

She likes Jeonghan so she uses him as her profile picture. Others especially in Korea prefer to be solo stans or fans of only one group. When a group gets big.

The crossover defines the meme itself. It was released in November 20 2000 as the third single from Eminems third album The Marshall Mathers LP 2000. BUT I do think there is a fine line between solo stans and people who think their favorite in the group is the best and everyone else sucks.

When you only like or stan an idol from a kpop group. These people usually have KPop profile pictures and use Twitter slang. They usually have a messy layout use use fancams with everything and are the rudest people youll meet.

According to Urban Dictionary to stan something means to support or stand up for it. In the song Nas calls his then-nemesis Jay-Z a fake and a phony as well as of course a stan. If I continued stanning them there would just be the old content to go through even if there was a lot it would run out eventually.

First of all I would like to include that there is a very big difference between an akgae and a solo stan which I feel like alot of new fans dont know. They will be homophobic racist. It can be used as a compliment too.

Could possibly like one group soloist or more. I stan alot of groups and I do have a bias in every group but I dont solo stan any of the idols Now onto the rant I am really confused why solo stans are that hated in kpop fandoms. Someone who is very soft sweet and protective when it comes to their fav.

For instance I dont stand AB6IX but Ive been a hUUUge Daehwi fan ever since I saw him in Wanna one and performing Heroine with Sunmi and Seulgi. I solo stan Jisoo from Blackpink. These are the general ingredients for most factions.

Hannah is a KPop stan her favorite groups are SEVENTEEN and ShiNee. Generally stan is a term used to indicate a fan of a particular subject in this case it would be BTS. Bias is a person who touched your heart.

I dont usually Stan groups after they have disbanded and there are a few reasons why I dont. Groups where one member is significantly more popular than the others definitely have more solo stans. I stan companies because they put out bops not because Im likeee omg periodttt stan LSM or Bang PD for example.

DIFFERENT to solo stan. Solo stan – Support one member and doesnt care about the rest AKA they dont send hate to other members usually a multi stan of other groups Akgae – Literally means malicious soloindividual stan. Their aim is for the group to disband or the member they stan to go solo.

Because bias is not only a person you like the most and you support the most. BTS and Blackpink are the two K-pop acts most commonly stanned. Behind every K-pop group is a dedicated fan club big or small and they play a vital role in a groups success.

It reached number one in 12 countries including the United Kingdom Germany Ireland and Australia. Sooo anyways I was just wondering what the tea is and if yall needed something spicy to wake your taste buds up or something. I may as well be.

Someone who is multi-fandom or multi is a fan of many groups. Stan Groups Employ Familiar Digitally-Fueled Tactics to Wield Power. The shot was an effective one partially because back then the word had nothing.

A K-pop stan is a borderline obsessive fan of a Korean pop music band or artist. Like boi Im also a Hybe YG and JYP stan by some users odd logic. Akgae Short for akseong gaeinpaen 악성개인팬.

Stan is a verb too because a bish is versatile. A person who likes kpop a lot. And if no one has really touched your heart yet wait – your bias will find you on its own.

Social platform usage a shared passion andor ideology hyperactive engagement and willingness to act. Some band in groups add random people to their groupchat and bully them this has become common recently. If youve hung around the internet long enough you know K-pop stans are notorious for spamming social-media platforms mainly Twitter with hashtags and fancams of their idols with the.

Personally I understand the concept of being a solo stan. Stan usually means you are a fan of a group solo artist and you support them. Stan Loona is defined on Urban Dictionary as A popular phrase used by twitter gays under every.

KCpop _collapseOnly k pop c pop Mixed editskCpop collapse Keep Support My YouTube ChannelKPopK Drama Crush C Drama CrushTamil Edits. But then a line should be drawn between casual people and actual fans of the group. In those cases you are a part of that groups fandom for BTS this is called being an ARMY.

The key ingredients of the power that the K-pop stan group now followed by other stan communities is wielding is simple. An edgy gg girlgroup stan is a stan on kpop stan twitter that stans one or multiple kpop girl groups and takes things way too far. These fans like only one member of the group and strongly dislike the others to the extent to bashing them for the sake of praising their bias and only member that they care about.

And it may not be at all the person you. Literally means malicious individual fan. By Rain M December 10 2019.

WE STAN A HARDWORKING HUMAN BEING One fan tried to figure out the release date Minseok has already started working on his solo album which means it could come out at the end of this year maybe so in conclusion XIUMIN SOLO DEBUT DECEMBER 2021 One tweeted Hes so BEAUTIFUL my baby XIUMIN. This is the main reason why and it because there isnt going to be new content ever.

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