Pros And Cons Of Kpop Companies

The BIG 4 kpop companies are. It makes you inspired to learn how to sing Dance more often Learn the kpop choreographies Want to learn Korean.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Standing Orders Learn whether a standing order is the right payment method for you.

Pros and cons of kpop companies. Pros 1. They take fans for fools. You can earn a lot of money if youre successful.

Having KPOP Industry popular outside Asia is really a good thing. The cons in SM are that they overwork you and that they care a lot about looks. Ive realized over the years that I very easily go down serious rabbit holes on a lot of random things.

During the training all your expenses will be paid for by the company. Thats why its going to be a 3 part video series. Kpop industry is known as one of the harshest and toughest industries out there.

Every contribution however big or small is so valuable for our future. Obviously KPOP isnt just for South Korea or within Asian Continent. Uneven line distributions Source.

After doing some thorough research here are the pros and cons of becoming a kpop idol. Bigger Number of Audience. Quality concepts and styles.

CIX or The Pros and Cons of K-Pop Survival Shows Written by Jakarta. A Revolutionary Musical Movement. Hence kpop trainees have to follow strict rules to debut as an idol.

But a pro is that even if youre untalented like trash theyll somehow do miracles and youll become one of the most talented idols so basically they have good training techniques. It is almost as if everyone is addicted to social media and cannot stop themselves from using it. I am looking for a company which is.

DISADVANTAGES Kpop fans are being discriminated because people who dont have any interest in Kpop music dont like it. This can apply to some small music labels in other countries. Before Big Hit shot BTS through a cannon into the Kpop world internationally renowned Kpop groups were from SM JYP jyp and YG Entertainment.

If you are in the rap department you might consider joining YG if you are a guy Bighit kind of play favoritism toward guys. Line distribution is a common issue faced by the majority of K-pop groups. The Big 3 bubble.

The REAL Pros and Cons of being signed with a small K-pop music label. Today a lot of Western music focuses on or features rap which sometimes has lyrics based around the darker side of life like drug use. To be perfectly honest my Midnight Musings posts are mostly about something that Ive fallen into extreme interest in for a short period of time.

People recognize you everywhere you go. These are the pros and cons of KPOP as a whole being recognised. In a lot of rap music it seems as though the artist is spreading negativity.

Have a rosé first. Your mentors will point out all your flaws and you will constantly be under the pressure to improve. JYP Entertainment is a private company categorized under Entertainment Bureaus and located in New York NY.

They have no money and no one knows where it all went. Becoming a kpop traineeidol requires a strong mentality. Hard trainee experience Racism towards Chinese traineesidols Negligence towards artists health They care a lot about how their idols look Pros.

Audition to a company with your advantages. When you have bills to pay it is important to find a way to send money in time so that you do not miss any payment deadlines. Its mentally draining.

However try to stay away from companies who do shady stuffs because when they are exposed things can happen. Get to showcase your talents or efforts from training for a hot minute in the company dungeon to your fans if not the entire world who has access to the internet doing dramasmoviesvarietyreality shows. JYP BIG HIT SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

Know the things companies bring to you and choose wisely. Nevertheless before deciding to register yourself in one of these academies let us jump into the pros and cons of becoming a Kpop star. It helps our country to stop fantasizing to become western.

They still have to practice a lot the ones who go to school have to study etc just like trainees plus their schedules become even more packed due to fan meetings concerts variety shows etc. I did forget to mention that being signed to a big label if you want to get out of your contract its very possible that youll have to pay to get. Even with groups who have 6 to 7 members it is already difficult to navigate the lines to each individual member.

Real fans support you matter what youre going to do. I am interested as I have a great passion in music and to prove race and ethnicity doesnt matter. I know my cherry blossoms need a video like this.

Im sharing my experience in Kpop. Here are some disadvantages of having many members in a group. Being a kpop idol and kpop trainee is NOT easy.

Pros Cons THE ORIGINAL KPOP BEAN. The ability to do what you love the most and inspire others. Which kpop company out of the big 3 is most preferred and why so.

On an episode of Strong Heart Se7en spoke about the YG Entertainment building On an episode of Strong Heart that was aired on the 6th of March featured top stars like Se7en Miss As Suzy and. If your company finds out that you are dating someone they will ask you to break up with them because they think that dating is a distraction. They can make practically anyone entering their company be famous or so they claim so lots of solo activities.

Impressive vocal abilities SM treatment YG Entertainment Cons. Now the pros and cons of signing with a BIG Kpop label in South Korea if you want to be a Kpop idol or Kpop trainee. Idols often get special treatments from the public.

Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 1 to 25 million and employs a staff of approximately 5 to 9. Kpop is more accessible to international audiences than ever before making my never-ending consumption that much easier. On the other hand K-pop music is focused on spreading a positive message to fans.

The Advantage to be in the Training center to Become a Kpop Star. Everyones have pros and cons. Social media has become a way for people to vent their frustrations and anger towards others.

Part 2 coming soon. And their training system is extremely hard. KPOP is like a virus spreading across the globe and acquiring great recognitions.

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