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Gold – Now Were Getting Serious – Fully mod and completely upgrade any weapon. Those who encounter difficulties in completing the video game and wish to cheat it using the mega-trainer will gain access to six Tomb Raider 2013 cheats.

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07032017 This page contains a list of cheats codes Easter eggs tips and other secrets for Tomb Raider — Featuring Lara Croft for PC.

New tomb raider game cheats. Bronze – One Smart Cookie – Complete one optional tomb. Note that these codes can only be used after they are unlocked. Have Lara walk one step forward with Shift one step back with Shift rotate in three full circles to the right with Shift and jump forward with Alt.

This page includes cheat codes for the entire Tomb Raider series on all systems. At the northwestern part of the map find the cave west of a headless shrine. 11042006 Various Cheats for Tomb Raider.

10 flying animals killed and looted. Locate and successfully complete the Chamber Of Judgement optional tomb to get a treasure map. 15111996 PAL Version cheat codes.

Bronze – Narcissistic – Purchase a new multiplayer character. By solving the puzzle at each tomb you will get a treasure map. Locate and successfully complete the Well Of Tears optional tomb to get a treasure map.

This is the 1996 game by Core Design Ltd not to be confused with the 2013 game Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics. Bronze – On My Way Up – Reach level 10 in multiplayer. Mountain Village Relic Map.

Bronze – No Stone Left Unturned – Find all documents relics and GPS caches. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Cheats on PS4 Take a look at the following cheats and save yourself a lot of grinding getting those elusive Trophies. For PAL version users go to the inventory screen then type in these.

I also offer several alternatives to cheating for those who are stuck but would rather not resort to cheating. 13032021 Get the latest Rise of the Tomb Raider cheats codes unlockables hints Easter eggs glitches tips tricks hacks downloads achievements guides FAQs walkthroughs and more for Xbox 360 X360. Press L1 triangle L2 R2 R2 L2 circle and L1 one after another and you will hear Laras relieved aaaa.

Easy XP and salvage. On the compass on your inventory. Tomb Raider Cheat Codes.

13 rows 24112000 Ammo and Item Codes. Big Game Hunter Reward. 27072020 Take a look at our collection of Shadow of the Tomb Raider cheats and tips for PS4 to help you master a deadly jungle overcome terrifying tombs as you guide Lara Croft through her darkest hour.

Have Lara walk one step forward with Shift one step back with Shift rotate in three full circles to the right with Shift and jump back with Alt. Find the folllowing relics by searching the areas the corresponding coordinates. L1 Triangle L2 R22 L2 O L1.

This trick allows you to earn 10000 XP and 2000 salvage or more approximately every 5 minutes. Released on March 5 2013 for Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and PC Tomb Raider or Tomb Raider 2013 was one of the most anticipated video games of 2013 being officially announced in December. 50 headshot kills performed in the single player campaign.

53N 712478 UTM 3416188 Reward. While in the game press select to get to the. 10 large animals killed and looted.

While in game pull and hold the Left Trigger. This is the 2013 game by Crystal Dynamics not to be confused with the 1996 game Tomb Raider by Core Design Ltd. The best way to face EXACTLY.

Coordinates 53N 712367 UTM 3416125. Coordinates 53N 712351 UTM 3416086. 10 small animals killed and looted.

To enter each of these codes you must be facing EXACTLY NORTH the red arrow faces North point it at the N. It can be done solo or with other players. Locate and successfully complete the Halls Of Ascension optional tomb to get a treasure map.

3 – Mountain Village Inside Tomb – 054 4 – Mountain Village Inside Tomb – 140 5 – Base Exterior – 216 6 – Shantytown Inside Tomb – 238 7 – Shantytown Inside Tomb – 324 8 – Geothermal Caverns – 415 9 – Summit Forest Inside Tomb – 439 10 – Shipwreck Beach Inside Tomb – 519 11 – Shipwreck Beach Inside Tomb – 600. Tomb Of The Unworthy Coordinates. If you complete all of them you get the Intellectually Superior.

06121999 Tomb Raider 4 codes.

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