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Best minimalist wallet From the company thats arguably at the forefront of the EDC minimalist trend we pick the Ridge Wallet as the best minimalist wallet for men. Ridge wallets are so insanely overpriced most of them dont even look nice.

The Ridge Wallet Is This The Best Wallet You Can Buy Youtube

Barely even feel that shit in my front pocket.

Is ridge wallet good. Its materials and presentation provide a great experience. Its purpose is to be a solid minimalist wallet. I absolutely love the size and thinness.

This is a good choice for people that dont mind the drawbacks. I keep my license insurance card and two debit cards in it. Theres no doubt the Ridge wallet is a fantastic wallet and its overall quality of materials construct and craftsmanship is the best.

The Ridge Wallet is an expanding minimalist wallet that protects your cards and cash. They come with either a money clip or with a cash strap and come in plenty of different colors for each. Made from Aluminum Titanium or Carbon Fiber.

The Ridge re-evaluates your everyday carry and gets rid of the bulk says the companys website and thats no joke. The transition to the front pocket took a little getting used to but over time it feels natural. 31102020 I have a normal card holder that may as well be a ridge wallet.

Besides the few complaints up there quite a lot of users seem to love the Ridge wallet. And it looks slick. This is actually not surprising as it comes with a superb craftsmanship.

Because of this the price is cheaper and you can grab some real bargains. Why would I spend 75 entry price on a wallet when. That being said if youre on a budget and the Ridge wallet exceeds your price range then maybe one of these other wallets would be a better option for you.

I asked for a refund and was politely refused. 28012020 You can find many a Ridge Wallet review by both men and women with women commenting the Ridge Wallet significantly reduced the amount of bulk in their purse. Also the manufacturer of the Ridge wallet company did not compromise on quality.

I can see why people dont like it though. Ridge wallets has been pushing out sponsorships to many youtubers recently and I just dont understand the appeal of it. The Ridge Wallet looks great is very hard to use easily however and if you carry it in your back pocket will wear a hole in your pocket amazingly fast.

The ridge wallet costs between 75-125. Some Ridge Wallet Amazon reviews complain about the rigidity of the wallet especially if youre used to a soft leather wallet but mention the wallets elastic will get more pliable in time. Bought an aluminum Ridge wallet with the money clip and its excellent for what it is.

And yes its better than a wallet. The Ridge wallet is an excellent band wallet. 03052017 Is The Ridge Wallet good.

But you can get 10 off using a creators code. In our first 500 days of use it has been easy to use and a mostly seamless transition from a more traditional tri-fold wallet. The wallets slim design holds between 1 and 12 cards without stretching and when youre on the lower end of that scale the wallets lack of bulk is extremely noticeable.

If you carry a lot of cards I probably wouldnt recommend it. These are wallets like the Ridge but made from poorer materials with lesser quality. Usually the functionality of these wallets are almost identical to the Ridge so if youre happy with a less quality assured wallet then check out these cheap Ridge wallets below.

I ruined a new pair of jeans within a few days of carrying my Ridge. Slim RFID-blocking Metal Wallets. 26022021 The Ridge wallet is a slim RFID blocking front wallet.

Price Aside The Ridge Wallet Is Great.

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Ridge Wallet Review Is The Ridge Wallet Worth It

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