Is Laser Good For Melasma

The thought is that with a shorter pulse duration there is more of subthermolytic photoacoustic damage that can selectively target pigment without destroying or excessively heating the surrounding tissue. However the almost universal appearance of transient post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation necessitates prompt and persistent intervention.

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The treatment has to be combined with other procedures like peels and oral medicines for the best results.

Is laser good for melasma. Particularly those who are pregnant or are on birth control and those with naturally darker pigmentation. Laser and light treatment is NOT first line treatment for melasma. NdYAG laser treatment for melasma lightens the dark patches by specifically targeting melanin located in the dermis.

482020 So in short yes PicoSure lasers for melasma removal can help remove unwanted pigmentation on your hands face or anywhere else on your body. However some laser treatments can actually worsen the appearance of melasma depending on the person. Is the CO2 Laser good for melasma.

However theoretically it seems to represent a potential treatment alternative for. The Medlite laser wavelengths used are more highly attracted to melasma or areas of higher pigmentation than normal skin with less pigmentation. 5 There have been only a handful of case reports using this laser modality in melasma.

8212018 There has been a growing trend of clinics that suggest removing Melasma with light therapy in this case IPL which stands for intense pulse light. The use of this laser therapy is recommended only for refractory melasma. While ProFractional laser works well for melasma the concern is that the melasma can recur if one gets pregnant again or has too much sun exposure.

Sun exposure during summers is the most common cause of the melasma. My doctor advised the co2 Laser. Laser treatments are an effective way to lighten and resurface the skin.

As you have rightfully pointed out picosecond lasers like PicoSure deliver a strong pulse of energy over a very short picosecond interval to scatter pigmentation without heating up the skin significantly. Can PicoSure Make Melasma Worse. I have melasma around cheeks.

Topical therapy takes at least three months or longer to see skin lightening and those patients who are interested in a more rapid response could consider laser and light therapy. The Medlite laser can help reduce melasma through weekly to monthly treatments for 6 to 8 sessions. Affected skin cells are destroyed while the surrounding skin is left unharmed.

– I am 30 yrs old married and no children. Q switch laser for melasma is best suited for people with a dusky complexion but its not recommended as monotherapy. A good dermatologist will be able to take a good look at your melasma and decide whether or not using lasers would be best for you.

Traditional lasers will likely make the Melasma even darker especially if you are a Fitzpatrick 4 5 or 6 skin type. 1072009 Melasma is a tendency to brown pigmentation of the skin especially in women. There are certain factors which can trigger melasma in the body.

8272020 Chemical sunscreens only block UV light but zinc sunscreens block all types of light making them more effective at preventing melasma. IPL is a form of light therapy that has been successfully used to treat light wrinkles unwanted hair. And any clinic or doctors who blindly sell you.

While melasma due to pregnancy sometimes fade away after the child birth. 312017 Laser and light therapy for the treatment of melasma is best suited for patients with refractory melasma who failed with topical treatment or a series of chemical peels. The risk with all types of laser treatments is causing further.

9292020 The melanocytes which produces the melanin are continuously stimulated or irritated to produce large amounts of melanin picture shown above. 10312017 Melasma is due to increase in the melanin pigment in your skin. ErbiumYAG laser resurfacing effectively improves melasma.

PicoSure is a good choice for treatment of pigmentation including melasma. 8232018 One of the best ways to get rid of melasma due to excessive sun exposure or hormones is through the use of lasers. Sun protection is one of the most important aspects of the treatment of melasma.

That is why blindly applying laser beams on melasma lesions almost always lead to failure of treatment. I have suffered from melasma for years years and have done a number of peel like TCA SPA Retesis Gycolis MCS but no effect. 2262021 This little known plugin reveals the answer.

822019 The first rule of Melasma treatment is to NOT use heat so traditional laser procedures are a contraindication. So if you think that the best treatment option for Melasma is laser please read on. 3122020 Another in-office treatment that must be performed carefully and correctly in order to treat rather than worsen melasma is laser therapy.

These dark spots can be the cause of frustration or humiliation.

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