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Successful treatment of dark spots can be very successful with IPL treatments in Asian skin but the risks for complications are much higher. It is also important for the patient to adopt the appropriate skin care regimen in.

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Therefore when considering laser resurfacing patients with Asian skin should ask their provider if the prospective laser utilizes these three technologies.

Is ipl good for asian skin. Lasers will be covered in the next post. Skin rejuvenation in Asian and darker skin types is a Specialist field Treatments such as IPL can cause skin darkening and hence special lasers are needed Skin rejuvenation sun spots age spots freckles acne scarring and rosacea can all be treated with specific lasers. People may use it to reduce the signs of aging or remove unwanted hair.

9192015 Intense Pulsed Light abbreviated IPL is a type of light treatment that is non-ablative. 2172020 Intense pulsed light IPL is a cosmetic skin treatment. This means that the light does NOT remove the superficial layers of skin.

Some lasers on the other hand are ablative remove the outer layers of skin which is known as resurfacing. 8122016 Asian skin is different to other types of skin and requires special attention. Dont forget to protect your skin from sun damage and find the right skin care routine that best suits your skin.

January 30 2006 in IPL with 2 Comments This study is investigating the best methods to reduce the hyperpigmentation that can effect asian skin when treated with Lasers or IPL. Non-ablative lasers have less risk of PIH than ablative lasers. A recent study published by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that both laser treatment and IPL can safely and effectively improve skin tone and reduce signs of photoaging in patients with Asian skin.

This lower risk of PIH and the limited postoperative downtime have made IPL a popular choice. 142021 The combination is gentle on darker skin because only the longer IPL wavelengths travel through your skin. Or other types of olive complexion skin are suitable for use with IPL and the answer to that question is of course yes and it comes down to treating the skin type with the different variables that are offered by.

Photorejuvenation using IPL is a completely safe and effective procedure even for Asian skin. 9282014 The bottom line is though yes. The treatment is effective for acne scars wrinkles and the improvement of hyperpigmentation.

IPL for Asian Skin. Removing discoloration is not an easy task to do but the advances in current aesthetic medicine and laser. 1012006 IPL has been studied for the treatment of lentigines and ephelides with cutoff filters ranging from 550590nm a fluence of 2535Jcm2 and a pulse width of 40ms2 These studies have been performed on Asian skin with surprisingly no PIH.

The result is IPL that works and is safe for dark skin. 2192021 Intense pulsed light IPL is a treatment that uses a powerful broad-spectrum light to destroy uneven melanin and stimulate collagen production. 4192018 For those with darker skin newer 1064-nanometer NdYAG lasers like Cutera Excel HR 1064 and Sciton Joule 1064 are good alternatives to older pigment-targeting lasers.

IPL can also be used to remove hair but it is not as effective as laser hair removal. I was given curettage as an option a few years back. IPL Photofacial treatments can be safe but find a very experienced physician As with many cosmetic treatments special care and knowledge is vital when treating individuals with darker skin types.

The paper suggests the use of sun block and bleaching agents pre- and post-operatively can help mitigate against post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 1252019 Lets just say it used to take a lot of effort and it involved daily bleaching creams which would cause a lot of skin irritation and a big risk with laser technology because all lasers were designed for Caucasian skin and not Asian. Ive been to several dermatologists and got a different response each time about how to treat my SK.

In many cases one treatment is enough to make a noticeable difference in the skin. IPL for Asian Skin IPL is suitable for Asian skin if performed by an expert dermatologist who has extensive knowledge and experience with laser treatments. It will be increasingly used for skin rejuvenation in the future.

More specifically the question was asking whether Asian skin. Others have said IPL while others say theyd never use IPL on Asian skin because the risk of making the spot darker. Other uses include reducing the.

And the flash duration is configured to avoid pain too. People with Asian skin or darker skin should be extra careful as IPL can sometimes cause hyperpigmentation. IPL CANNOT get rid of tattoos and should be kept away from any tattoos you have and want to keep.

Its also important to avoid sun for 3-4 weeks before and after an IPL treatment if you have a darker skin type. They jump past the melanin-rich dark epidermis outer skin layers down to the hair follicle depth. One of the main benefits of using ILP for freckles is that it is an effective way to even the skin tone.

Be careful with IPLs on asian skin that the initial settings arent too aggressive. Superficial burns can occur which result in striping which can take months to correct.

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