How To Cover Curtains

Use a curtain to match the wall color, or use a lace curtain to cover a shelf in a bedroom. Select a heavy fabric when you need a lot of coverage.

Bathroom Window Treatments for Privacy Bathroom window

Remember those beaded curtains from back in the day?

How to cover curtains. Curtains are a popular window treatment choice in many homes, yet they are not the only option. Whether you just don't like the look of curtains or you aren't allowed to hang them, sometimes you need a creative way to cover your windows. Measure the width of the area you want to be covered by the curtains.

Fortunately, the options are nearly endless. It can keep out strong sunlight on a summer's day and the nosy looks of your neighbours, too. Curtains aren't just for covering windows—they're also great for separating areas between rooms or segmenting a studio space.

Bathrooms will sometimes have open shelves under sinks, or a closet might have open shelves. Extend the tape measure from either one end of the window to the other, or from where you want the curtain to start and stop. When you need very long curtains to cover large spaces, choose a fabric that will hang heavily.

You can use household objects in front of the window to block the view, or you can create your own covering using film or glass paint. In the bedroom, you’ll likely use curtains over another window treatment, such as a blind or shade, because curtains are made of lightweight, sometimes sheer fabrics. Take styrofoam balls and some simple rope to emulate the hippie curtains of the '70s, but with a modern flair.

Then, crease the seams with an iron before removing the pins and adding fabric fusion tape. Cheryl a on aug 27, 2021. Finish by ironing the tape, clipping curtain rings to the top, and attaching your curtains to a curtain rod.

Ways to cover windows without curtains. This is also a great approach for café curtains (short panels that cover only the lower portion of a window and hit the sill), which work well in spots like the kitchen and bathroom, where long drapes aren’t practical. The short, sheer curtains that cover only the bottom half of a window over a kitchen sink, frequently matched to a valance across the window’s top, are called café curtains.

Along with providing privacy and control over the light that comes in, fabric. Here is an updated idea from design love fest! A thick one will even help lower the noise levels from outside.

Should curtains cover the whole wall? The right drapes or curtains can add a lot to your enjoyment of an interior space, as well as the room’s decor. For tips on how to sew rod pocket curtains, keep reading!

Measure your walls from the floor to the ceiling and pick curtains that stop about 1 in (2.5 cm) above the floor. Try to choose curtains that are made of a thick material, like heavy cotton or linen. Hiding shelves and their contents gives a finished look to a room.

Get a tape measure, a pen, and a piece of paper. We used cream linen drapes, which were a similar color to the walls, to create a cohesive look. I always intended using the curtains purely for decorative purposes so of course needed something functional to accompany them.

Hang tall curtains that block out smells and light. How to cover windows without curtains. How to use curtains to cover a wall.

Get the tutorial at kristi murphy. See more ideas about duvet covers, bedding sets, duvet. The drapes should cover as much of the wall as possible to create the illusion of space, so aim to position the rod a few inches from the ceiling.

Curtains or drapes don't work for many spaces. Curtains placed along a wall can be used to hide cracks, outdated wallpaper, shelving units, bicycles, closets, laundry baskets and other clutter. Breaking slightly at the floor.

Just attach some black fabric to them to create these gorgeous color block curtains. Next, cut your curtains to size and pin 1 inch seams on the back of each side. Write the measurement down on your piece of paper and label it “width.”.

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