Can Melasma Be Treated With Ipl

However IPL targets multiple wavelengths in the visible light and infrared spectrum where lasers are more direct at one specific wavelength. Intense pulsed light therapy IPL can be used to eliminate melasma.

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Melasma can clear up without treatment.

Can melasma be treated with ipl. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Intense pulsed light therapy or IPL is a laser treatment that may be employed to reduce aging signs age spots as well as other skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation or melasma. Melasma and IPL Treating Melasma with Intense Pulsed Light. Between October 2006 and March 2008 38 patients with melasma were treated with intense pulsed light IPL at the LASER Center of the Department of Health Science Plastic and Reconstructive.

With a lower side effect profile compared with other devices used to treat melasma IPL is a good potential treatment option for dermal and mixed forms of melasma. What Are The Side Effects of IPL Laser Treatment. 2 We describe 5 cases of persistent facial melasma treated with IPL and a hydroquinone HQ-based skin care system Obagi Nu-Derm.

11152018 In most cases IPL is there for removing sun damage constant skin pigmentation or removing spot on the different skin areas. Strong flashes of light have been used in IPL for melasma. If you know additionally that heat can be a trigger for melasma it becomes clear to everyone that IPL treatment can also lead to a worsening of the melasma.

1282017 All types of melasma have treatments but the epidermal type responds much better to treatments because the pigment is close to the surface of the skin. What treatment should be used. The side effects of IPL laser treatment are generally mild and limited to the treatment area.

And we want to prevent that in any case. Studies in 2011 by Goldman et al. The skin condition melasma can be challenging to get rid of completely and as a chronic condition it can come back after treatment.

Intense-pulsed light also carries a risk of heating the surrounding skin which is. I have had many patients who were treated with Melasma in the past with the IPL laser and their melasma were made worse and later more difficult to correct because of the previous laser. 8212009 September 13 2019.

Is IPL suitable for Melasma. 8272020 How to treat melasma at home. IPL is not the right treatment for Melasma.

Trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid or a laser treatment like IPL or ngYAG. Laser pigmentation treatment can safely eliminate melasma discoloration without side effects. A 57 improvement when IPL was used in combination with topical therapy.

Your dermatologist might opt for IPL over other forms of therapy if your melasma is deep in the skin. IPL stands out as an effective tool in the treatment and healing of a high percentage of hypermelanosis and mel-asma with a very low risk of complications and an excellent satisfaction rate among patients. 8212018 To help you discover the safest most effective means of clearing your skin lets talk about a few of the top Melasma treatments.

Melasma cant really be cured. There are times when it clears with the use of sunscreen and the avoidance of the sun. 952019 Intense Pulse Light IPL Therapy for Melasma and Dark Spots IPL can be used for many of the same skin conditions as lasers.

In my opinion IPL isnt suitable for the treatment of melasma because IPL heats the skin and often leads to slight burns. With the treatment you mention intense. There has been a growing trend of clinics that suggest removing Melasma with light therapy in this case IPL which stands for intense pulse light.

The heat is powerful enough to break down the pigment. Obagi Medical Products Long Beach CA. 11122019 When I went to make an appointment with my dermatologist recently for the same condition I was told IPL should not be used for melasma.

Although it can affect anyone melasma is particularly common in pregnant women and those who are taking oral contraceptives. Demonstrated a 23 improvement when IPL was used alone vs. The intense energy is absorbed on the surface of the affected skin.

Keywords Pregnancy mask Melasma Chloasma Intense pulsed light IPL Hypermelanosis Epiluminescence Dermoscopy. 11222019 With the treatment you mention intense-pulsed light or IPL melasma often reappears quickly. IPL has wavelengths ranging from 515 nm to 1200 nm which is thought to be beneficial in the treatment of melasma as it can target both epidermal and dermal pigment.

Some people are lucky in that their melasma is superficial while others need to deal with melasma that lies in the dermis. 4292020 Intense Pulsed Light IPL IPL lasers for melasma are able to target the melanin in your skin and remove excess pigment. 852020 IPL or intense pulsed light is one of several in-office treatments dermatologists and plastic surgeons may use to address melasma a form.

Melasma is thought to be caused by sun exposure genetic predisposition hormone changes and skin irritation. 512020 Several studies have found that although IPL can treat melasma on its own it is more effective when combined with other treatment types such as topical creams Shah.

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